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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here's the list for Pre Order 15 Dueba/GnG

Brown highlighted=stock is available.
unhighlighted=no stock
Purple highlighted=post out already, pls check the stock status with the track code provided beside your name.

If no stock, you can choose to do refund or replace by geo lens.

Pls email me if the lens u ordered is not available.

The available one i will post out first.


1.Elsie Liew*RM184(SEND WITH GEO)
MX21 GREY 700/750; DM21 GREY 700/750; DM21 BROWN 700/750; DM21 GREEN 700/750; DB21 BROWN 700/750(CHANGE TO IFAX BROWN 750/750 OK?)

2.Pei Jin*RM22
MX21 GREY 150/150

3.Shazreen Sabri*RM29
DM22 BLACK 275/275

5.Nor Fariza Rosli*RM73--EN198810467MY
DM23 GREY 475/475*2; DM21 AQUA 475/475

6.Tay Eng Shan*RM125(SEND WITH GEO)
DM23 BROWN 425/425, 100/100; BT02 BROWN 425/425; BT03 GREY 800/800

8.alysoh*RM323[send with geo]
MX21 VIOLET 300/175, 325/325, 375/375; MX21 AQUA 325/325

settle =) send out alrdy.

IFAX BLACK 0/0; MX21 BROWN 0/0, 250/250

11.Joyce Lee*RM139-RM60=RM79--EN198810590MY (STILL OWE U 2PAIR ch622 &ck109 1000/1000)
MX21 BROWN 550/475 (REPLACED WITH 500/450); MX21 GREY 550/475, 1000/1000; MX21 AQUA 1000/1000; MX21 BLACK 0/0*2

12.Yufa Lisa*RM120
DM23 BLACK 0/0*5(contact me pls!)

13.Yvonne Yeoh*RM44
DM21 BROWN 0/0(change ds21 brown or mx21 brown ok?); DM22 BLACK 0/0(change DS22 or MX21 black ok?)

14.Karen Low Ka Ling*RM29[SEND WITH GEO]
BT01 BLACK 450/375

DA-1 BLACK 550/550(change ds21 grey ok?); MX21 AQUA 550/550; MX21 GRAY 550/550(mx21 brown, dm21 brown, dm23 brown, change to either one can?)

18.Ti Soh Wan*RM29--EN198810484MY
MX21 BROWN 700/600

19.Susan Choo*RM117+RM44--SETTLED ALL
MX21 GREY 0/0, 50/50, 700/650; DM22 BLACK 425/600, 125/125(change mx21 black 150/150 ok?); BT01 BLACK 275/375, 225/225

20.Kamon--Pey Shy*RM51
BT02 BROWN 300/300*2[SETTLED]

21.Dianne Alexandra Defiry*RM32--EN198810277MY
DB21 BROWN 0/0

22.Chrisella Carrasco*RM72--EN198810294MY
BT01 BLACK 0/0

23.Pearly Tan*RM406[SEND WITH GEO]
BT02 GREEN 275/325, 325/275; BT02 BLUE 0/50; BT02 GREY 350/350; BT02 BROWN 0/0

24.Louise Bong*RM51--EN198810294MY
MX21 GREEN 375/375, 500/500

25.Fion Tan*RM29
MX21 AQUA 425/425[SETTLED]

26.Janice Lai Pui Voon*RM51

27.Hwei Kim*RM29