Price List

1. New price adjustment will be done and starts from 1-1-2015 onwards.

2. Kindly fill up the order form only after payment is done ONLY.

3. Order LAST CALL (daily): 11.30pm

3. Shortcut button to pay via MAYBANK2U is available now. Please click the logo "MAYBANK2U Pay" at the right column to login into your Maybank2u account for instant cash deposit.

*Your cooperation is highly appreciated. We are trying our best to improve the service especially the procedure of orders and the ready stock list which is always so hard to maintain at the 100% accuracy level. Anyway, we hope that we could do better, serve you better, and deliver the best quality of products with the fastest speed to all of you! :) Thank you for support! :D

*Wholesale MOQ: 50 pairs (All types mix is allowed)
*We are recruiting Agents/Dropshippers now!

Any queries, please contact:
H/P: +6012-4942101 (whatsapp & sms available)


About Agents

Why choose Gorgeous-i?
-Gorgeous-i is a registered company under SSM and we have more than 5 years of experience in this business already.
-We have confirmation certificate from manufacturer to proof that our stock are all authentically from Korea and quality assured.
-We have more than 50,000pairs of ready stock in store, all items are direct import from our manufacturers at Korea.
-We do practice "today pay, tomorrow post", so don't worry that your customer will complain about late arrival of stock.
-We do carry in number of new series constantly.

Benefits to be our agents:
-We do delivery for you.
-We do packing for you.
-Low cost
-Under company protection with price guide, to make sure you earn more all the time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The changes of price list again!!

The latest price list!!!!!! Crazy mad sale!

♥ 1 pairs: RM10 exclude postage
♥ 10pairs: RM9 FREE 10 LENS CASE
♥ 30pairs: RM8 FREE 30 LENS CASE
♥ 50pairs: RM7 FREE 50 LENS CASE
♥ 100pairs: RM6

If u'd like to order from us sincerely, direct send me your order list, price negotiable for LARGE QUANTITY!
I won't run away with your money!


Please email to for enquiry/order :) Thank you~ ♥

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We're back! CHRISTMAS PROMO!!! RM10!!!

Sorry so much for the long lost in this blog.

We have actually moved to our FB page. Every news will be updated at the FB fanspage:
*Please do not hesitate to click a LIKE for support us* ♥

Here we're back with the christmas promo!

RM10 each exclude postage♥
Wholesale price as below:-
♥ 50pairs: RM9 FREE 50 LENS CASE
♥ 100pairs: RM8 FREE 100 LENS CASE
♥ 500pairs: RM6.5 FREE 300 LENS CASE

Please email to for enquiry/order :)

Thank you~ ♥

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Day RM18 Raya Special Promo

One day special Raya Promo!

Price: RM18/pair exclude postage.

*Valid on 19/8/2011 only.

-Payment must be done by today, tomorrow post out. This is to ensure that the parcel can reach you before the raya cuti.
-We will reply your emails immediately whole day long.
-Sale end on 11.30pm tonight.

Place your order now!

Selamat Hari Raya to my dear customers =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dear all, we are doing Pre-order for all the Gorgeous-i series right now :)

Retail price: RM10 exclude postage.

Wholesale MOQ: 50pairs
Wholesale price from Rm5.50 onwards!

#Closing date: 7/8/2011#

Reach within 3weeks~1.5months.

*Certain lens maybe can reach before Raya.

Place your order now and do not miss this chance!

**Agent please email me for the pre-order price for agents~! There's a special offer for you guys too ;)

Thank you :D

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New arrivals!

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Strip series

RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Jelly series

RM30 free postage

  • New agent price is valid from today onwards.
  • Please notes that we will only use Pos Laju from Monday (4/7) onwards as Pos Malaysia is kinda strict now as they do not allow to post items by Pos Express.
  • For orders with more than 10pairs and above, please email me for further discount :)
  • We do accept wholesale as well. MOQ 30pairs.
  • Our model has done 3/4 of our lenses shooting already, photos will be upload after the edit has fully done :)
  • Sorry for the slow respond towards emails and also the late delivery, I have started my internship in factory and thus lesser time now for me to do these, but of course, i promise that i will try my best to do as much as i could. :)

Thanks for the support from ya all ♥ xoxo~

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maybank account

Kindly bank in to this Maybank account from now on:

Account Number: 507303051328

Monday, May 30, 2011

Important notice

We will change the free postage method to Pos Laju from 10/6/2011 or earlier (we will do further notification regarding this matter).

Anyway, we will stop delivery service for few days and also may not be able to reply emails that frequent until 2/6/2011.

We're doing the changes for everything in our shop now. Lots of works to do. I have to update the ready stock list and also rush the supplier for new stock too. Besides this, we're constructing the new websites now and other works too for our new system.

By the way, i need the agents to help me on something here.
Please send me your agent name, email, and hp number to me asap!
I will reply you with your agent ID after that.
So, there will be a lil changing here for agents, same goes to the price ;) the very attractive price is coming soon. haha!
I need the updates of you guys for those details, and i will send the details for u guys before we start the new system.

I will try to make these all done asap.
But please give me some time as well since i'm doing all these alone only so far. haha!
Sorry to the buyers, send me your enquiry anytime. I promise I will reply once I'm free.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

19th May

Dear babes,

I will do delivery on this Saturday.
Emails will be reply on Friday night after my last paper ;)
After that, i will be away on this weekend until Monday night again.
Then, the delivery time will be back as usual, "today pay tomorrow post", and we will post everyday.

Kindly click into our facebook page:
And vote for the polls there.

We will do adjustment for delivery service, agent prices, distributor price and MOQ as well.

We will always make sure we serve you the best ;)

Gorgeous-i, gorgeous you! ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dear customers,

Due to my finals is coming soon, this week is the last preparation study week for my finals and the last paper would be on 20th of May.

So, during this period, the delivery period would not be so frequent as previously, i mean i am not able to make it as "post everyday" or "today pay tmr post".
Maybe like 2 days once or 3 days.
Depends on my exam time table and how much i able to make it.'

Please understand that i have to confirm all orders by myself first before proceed to packing/delivery parts.

Also, most probably my ready stock list will not be updated in this period.

Will restock after my finals end.

Lens case is available now again too =)

Anyway, if this cause any inconvenience to you guys, i would like to apology first.

*The coming soon:
-new official site of GORGEOUS-i
-new online store with shopping cart
-more attractive price for agents
-more attractive price for retails
-high satisfaction price ever for wholesale too
-more new series for Gorgeous-i lens

Monday, April 18, 2011

♥Gorgeous-i♥Fairy Series

Color: Brown, gray, blue, green & pink

Power range:
- Brown & gray: 0~750
- Other colors: 0~550

Price: RM30 free postage

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear customers,

The ready stock list is updated, please click the link below to check out the list:

Wholesale is available now too. Please email to for more details.
Agents please refer to agent site for price and catalogs.

*I will only start the delivery service from 12/4*
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Sandy series

Color: brown, gray, blue, violet, green & pink

Power range:-
brown & gray: 0~750
other colors: 0~550

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Rose series

Color: gray & brown

Power range: plano only

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Max series

Color: brown & black

Power range: 0~750

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Luna series

Color: blue, gray, brown, pink

Power range: 0~750

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Kido series

Color: brown, gray, blue & pink
(pink is not shown in this picture)

Power range:-
brown & gray: 0~550
other color: plano only

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Floral series

Color: brown, gray, violet, blue & pink

Power range: plano only

Price: RM30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Diva series

Color: brown, gray, blue, green & violet

Power range:-
brown & gray: 0~750
Other color: 0~550

Price: Rm30 free postage

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Daisy series

Color: brown & gray

Power range: plano only

Price: RM30 free postage

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


♥Giveaway No.4♥

1. Complete this sentence: "I like ♥Gorgeous-i♥ lens, because ___."(less than 15words)

2. Invite your friends to LIKE the wall post & win these:

-The most creative and interesting sentence: RM200 gift box
-500LIKES&above: Any 4pairs of lens + 1 box of All Belle Stunning Eyelashes
-300LIKES&above: Any 2pairs of lens + 1 box of All Belle Stunning Eyelashes
-100LIKES&above: Any 1pair of lens

#Due date:17/4/2011#

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Survey Form

Dear valued customers,

Please help me to complete this survey form about our products by click into this link:

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dear customers,

We are having clearance sales for Cloudy series and TwentyOne series now.
The price is as following:

Retail: RM25 free postage
Buy 4pairs = RM95 free postage.

TwentyOne series:
Retail: RM23 free postage
Buy 4pairs = RM85 free postage

Interested for wholesale of these two series?
Please email me asap:

Grab it now ;)

Thank you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Short notice.

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to apology for the inconvenience caused to my agents and customers recently as sometimes the delivery date is delayed since the CNY.

Next, I need some time to check all my stock, so that I can only update the ready stock list for your reference purpose. Hopefully can done it by Sunday. And ya, please email me first for every order, as the stock is kinda limited right now, and some power is out of stock too. For agents, I'll update the agent site when i am free, hopefully by next week. Important notice will be up.

Besides that, I would like to announce that the sales of last month (Feb) is the highest since i started this business :p Thanks to all my agents as you guys are seriously contribute a lot and only we can achieved it, even it's maybe not that much as others, but we can still improve and do it better in the future ^^ Also, thanks to the support by all of the babes here ;) Soon, we will organize a giveaway session again ;)

We are still need a lot of agents and wholesaler right now. Please contact me for more details. :)

Lastly, valentine's day is coming soon :D We have the Valentines Day special promo right now. Due date is on 13/2/2011. Grab the items you like now ;)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Thursday, February 10, 2011

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Lacely series

Lacely series is more natural compared to the Forte series. Anyhow, the unique lens design is very attractive right, and the most important thing is the design won't looks fake on the eyes. It's still natural thou. :)

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Forte series

Forte series gives outstanding effect on your eyes, it looks very sharp but since it's 3tones lens, that's why the effect looks more natural on our eyes.

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Elegant series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Elegant series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Hottie series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Hottie series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Dreamy series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Dreamy series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Starry series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Starry series

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Shinny series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Shinny series

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Sunny series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Sunny series

Power range:
Gray & Brown: 0~750
Blue, Violet, Green & Pink: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Cloudy series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Cloudy series

7 colors: brown, gold, gray, violet, pink, blue, green

Power range: 0~750 for all colors.








♥Gorgeous-i♥ Laura

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Laura series

Power range:
brown & gray❤0~550
blue, pink, violet, green❤ plano only

♥Gorgeous-i Catty♥

♥Gorgeous-i Catty♥
-same design and enlarge effect as the earlier Super Nudy series by Barbie.
-it gives 16mm enlarge effect too.
-water content 48%.

power range: 0~750