Price List

1. New price adjustment will be done and starts from 1-1-2015 onwards.

2. Kindly fill up the order form only after payment is done ONLY.

3. Order LAST CALL (daily): 11.30pm

3. Shortcut button to pay via MAYBANK2U is available now. Please click the logo "MAYBANK2U Pay" at the right column to login into your Maybank2u account for instant cash deposit.

*Your cooperation is highly appreciated. We are trying our best to improve the service especially the procedure of orders and the ready stock list which is always so hard to maintain at the 100% accuracy level. Anyway, we hope that we could do better, serve you better, and deliver the best quality of products with the fastest speed to all of you! :) Thank you for support! :D

*Wholesale MOQ: 50 pairs (All types mix is allowed)
*We are recruiting Agents/Dropshippers now!

Any queries, please contact:
H/P: +6012-4942101 (whatsapp & sms available)


About Agents

Why choose Gorgeous-i?
-Gorgeous-i is a registered company under SSM and we have more than 5 years of experience in this business already.
-We have confirmation certificate from manufacturer to proof that our stock are all authentically from Korea and quality assured.
-We have more than 50,000pairs of ready stock in store, all items are direct import from our manufacturers at Korea.
-We do practice "today pay, tomorrow post", so don't worry that your customer will complain about late arrival of stock.
-We do carry in number of new series constantly.

Benefits to be our agents:
-We do delivery for you.
-We do packing for you.
-Low cost
-Under company protection with price guide, to make sure you earn more all the time!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sales extended!! BUY 8 FREE 1

Holiday mode still on? Still on shopping mode? 
Alright, we don't let it stop! Our Christmas Promo will be continue goes on until further notice! 
Do not miss this last chance to grab the lenses in this best deal ever! 

Due date: until further notice!  (By Jan 2015)

Stock list:
Order list:

*Please complete payment before fill up the order form.
**Grab it now before our new price adjustment.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. 
Enjoy shopping!

By Gorgeous-i Lens team

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Promo is coming to town~

Christmas Promo 2014 is up! 

Valid from today onwards until 25th December 2014.

Stock list:

Order list:

*Please complete payment before fill up the order form.
**Grab it now before our price adjustment on 1-Jan-2015. 

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. =)

Enjoy shopping! 

By Gorgeous-i Lens team.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Facebook Page.

Dear friends,

Due to the ownership issue happened on our Facebook Page (, we couldn't manage or even read any messages received on the page now. Thus, we have decided to give out on the thousands number of supports with no any further choices, and re-run our backup FB page on

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope that all of you can continue show us your support by hitting a LIKE on our new page (GORGEOUS-I LENS).

Besides that, in case of you guys couldn't found us on FB, here's several ways for you to contact us to ease the procedure of order or any enquiry as well.

1. Email:
2. Fill up the order form in our blog and submit to us :)
3. Whatsapp: +6012-4942101
4. WeChat ID: suhyin

We will response within 24 hours.

Latest update:
1. New arrivals will be reaching by this weekend. Reservation with deposit is accepted now.
2. Again, we do ship worldwide. Please drop us a message for shipping fare.
3. Wholesale MOQ 30 pairs. Retails discount will be given for purchase within 10 pairs.
4. We have Gorgeous-i lens and Adore series, two ranges of lenses in stock now. Price is vary but allows to mix for order.
5. Lens case is available for retail only now.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your support continuously. :)
We would like to hear from you again anytime! see ya. xoxo.

Owner of Gorgeous-i Lens Store

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Use M2U PAY now :)

Did you ever heard of this MAYBANK2U PAY?
Actually we have activated this feature in our blogshop since some time, here's the further details regarding to this feature, Maybank2u Pay.

Basically, it is a simplified payment channel that allows the blogshop owners to manage their online business transactions systematically and professionally, especially for the online based small or home businesses.
*If you are still searching on the M2U PAY icon in our webpage, FYI, it is located at the right sidebar*

What the customers have to do is just to click, pay, and confirm. That's all! ^^

I would encourage all of you to use M2U PAY as it is completely hassle free and easy for both the customers and us! :)

The benefits of you are listed as below:

  • Payment method is simplified through Maybank2u and payment can be made directly to the seller's account via a simple button. 
  • There's no need to remember the seller's account number, so the payment process is simplified.
  • No need for proof of payment (i.e. scan/copy of payment receipt) to the seller.

Besides that, M2U PAY also provides various benefits to the blogshop owners like us:
  • Easy reconciliation of sales transactions as there is a differentiation between normal funds transfers & Maybank2u Pay
  • Email notification on every transaction
  • View your sales transaction history for the past 60 days via Maybank2u
  • Detailed sales transactions under Maybank2u Pay History:
- transaction date and time- transaction details and status- buyer's name and email- amount transferred

For more information about Maybank2u Pay, please visit the official Maybank2u Pay website HERE.

Try M2U PAY now! :D 

Enjoy your online shopping experience with us and M2U PAY! 

*Sponsored post*

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello all,

Please see below for the shipping arrangement before CNY.

Last delivery date: 27th Jan (Monday)
*Please make sure your payment is done before 26th Jan (Sunday). 

Last delivery date: 29th Jan (Wednesday)

Last delivery date: 29th Jan (Wednesday)
*Please contact us for COD arrangement 2 days before to pick up. 

Closed at 3pm, 30th Jan (Thursday)

Suhyin @ Gorgeous-i Store 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adore 07 & Adore 08

Dear friends,

Sorry for slow update here, if you're following our FB page, , you would definitely see the following new lens before :) 

The lens that I'm going to introduce here is Adore 07 and Adore 08. Both lens comes in 14.5mm, 48% water content, these range of lenses provide us the comfortably wearing effect and also the high water content in it would make sure our eyes are moisturizing all time. Fully good feedback from customers for Adore Lens! Special recommend to the freelancers/event girls/models/OL who needs to wear lenses for a longer period of time in a day and in aircond room. (But of course if u're wearing it everyday 12 hours n more, your eyes surely couldn't stand for it. The best period of wearing lens is still the 6 to 8 hours as suggested by professionalist.) 

Adore07 *NEW*
-stunning effect on eyes, natural effect with the 3 tone color blend. 
-3 tone color, bright
-the popular design that highly recommend by beauty prof in TW TV show
-prescription available in Plano only 

Adore08 *NEW*
-2 tone color
-natural effect
-does comes with red and gray

Please place your order by clicking into the ORDER FORM above.

You may contact us via the following ways as well:
Whatsapp: +6012-4942101

Gorgeous-i management team