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*Wholesale MOQ: 50 pairs (All types mix is allowed)
*We are recruiting Agents/Dropshippers now!

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About Agents

Why choose Gorgeous-i?
-Gorgeous-i is a registered company under SSM and we have more than 5 years of experience in this business already.
-We have confirmation certificate from manufacturer to proof that our stock are all authentically from Korea and quality assured.
-We have more than 50,000pairs of ready stock in store, all items are direct import from our manufacturers at Korea.
-We do practice "today pay, tomorrow post", so don't worry that your customer will complain about late arrival of stock.
-We do carry in number of new series constantly.

Benefits to be our agents:
-We do delivery for you.
-We do packing for you.
-Low cost
-Under company protection with price guide, to make sure you earn more all the time!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank You By The Owner & The Introduction of ALLA MODA

Hello all,

As mentioned in the earlier post, WE'RE BACK

Yup, I am back in full time now. :) Honestly, I have abandoned this online store for year, not really focus on this business for year. I can still remember that the first day I started up this business with all alone without any financial support, the hardness and challenges that I have been went through for these year, and also the peak and down season of this business. Sorry if I have disappointed you guys before as in due to my service or anything. It's been the forth year for me in this business. The business has accompanied me for my awesome college life haha! It is the real great experience I had in my life seriously. I am so thankful with those lovely customers as they have supported me since year 2008 until now!!!! Some of them are even become my friends, who are like almost meeting everyday or by weekly based for restock purposed. I am lucky enough to have all of you with me, I can understand that the "slow reply" would really make the customers pissed off, but that the main point is "i-dono-why-my-customers-are-so-good" because they could really understand and tolerate with me!!!!*touchhhhhsss (no lies)* I am really appreciate this!! And now, I have finally completed my degree and in the end experienced the job for months that related with the field I have studied. After all, I am still decided to back to my business due to the very high passionate I have on this work and also I know I will not let go of it, no matter how hard the others said it was. I believe that I can overcomes every challenges again and improve it in every aspect to make it even better than last time. I clearly know that it's not on the top now, but I believe that I can really do the best in this. But of course, all these can be happen only with the support of you guys! :) 

Time flies, it's the very last 2 days countdown for the end of 2012. Are you satisfied with what you have achieved in this year? Have you done your 2013 to-do-list? Any target set? Anyway, no matter how hard the year 2012 is, please never give up on the target you set. As said, do what you wish as you are crazy enough to set the target earlier!! For us, the year 2013 must be a amazing year for us. :D *Sorry for this long nags here hahaha!*

Well, let's back to the main topic. We hereby proudly to announce that our sister-store, ALLA MODA, will be launch on January 2013 and we're ready to serve everyone as best as we could. 
ALLA MODA will be operate under online basic now, and it is the store that oriented with all sort of stylish women accessories. We wish to carry in more trendy items for the ladies as we are highly passionate on this really. We hope that it's not only cosmetic lens that you can grab from us, but also the other accessories as well. The items details will be introduce on next two weeks. This time, we have really put a lot of effort in it from handpicking until the packaging process. We hope that everyone may experienced the great shopping experience in ALLA MODA. 

Please support us on by hitting a LIKE on our ALLA MODA's official FB page :) 

Well, so how to contact us now? 
(For retail/wholesale/agency related enquiries only!!)

  1. Email to
  2. Whatsapp/Call: +6012-4942101
  3. Line/WeChat: suhyin
  4. PM us in our FB page. ( or

A little sneak peek for the upcoming updates:
  • Catalogs update
  • Agents system update
& more!!!! :x STAY TUNED!!! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

We're back!!

The premier Adore lens ♥
The high demand Dueba lens with our OEM, Gorgeous-i ♥
The sparkling EOS Adult series ♥
The classis GEO lens ♥

ALL IN ❤De Shopz❤

The one-stop wholesale station of authentic KOREA cosmetic lenses with reasonable price for you :)
We, Gorgeous-i Lens, are certified by our manufacturer, Dueba. Our products are certified by KGMP, KFDA, CE, ISO9001, ISO13485.

For retail/wholesale enquiry, please contact us by the following ways for further details,
SMS/CALL/WHATSAPP: +6012-4942101
WeChat: suhyin

Besides that, we're happy to assist you if there is any questions regarding to our product quality.


SuhYin ♥

p/s. Christmas promo is coming soon too...... :D 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Recruitment ♥



Recruitment of agents with low cost price and more benefits are waiting for you!!! 

We're looking for those who wish to start up own business or with business existed, please contact us ASAP if you wish to join us!
An exclusive package is waiting for you!!!!
Achieve your goals from here now!

Kindly contact us by your preferable method as below:
Contact number: 012-4942101



Series available:
1. elegant series (6 color 0~750)
2. Dreamy series (5 color 0~750; pink plano only)
3. Catty black (0~750)
4. Laura series (brown & gray 0~750; other color 0~550)
5. Diva series (brown & gray 0~750; other color 0~550)
6. Fairy series (brown & gray 0~750; other color 0~550)

-At least 10pairs in a single receipt.

Price: RM6/pair
>50pairs: RM5.80
>100pairs: RM5.50

#Closing date: 1/7/2012
#Waiting period: 4-5 weeks as usual. ( or earlier perhaps)

Please PM as if there's any questions. Thank you ♥ =)

Friday, April 13, 2012

The exclusive lens, Adore by Gorgeous-i.

Adore series by Gorgeous-i. Adoring your eyes. 

The quality is the best in town as the thickness of lens is thin and with high water content as well. 
The lens does comes with the natural and alluring effect with diameter of 14.5mm ~ 15mm =) 

Grab one now as it is available for reservation now. 

Email me now, for more details =)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

CNY notice.


The last delivery date: Thursday, 19th January 2012 (To reach before CNY)

CNY Holiday: 20th January 2012 onwards (will announce soon for the date back to work)

*So, please submit and done payment for your orders before 19th Jan 10PM, or as early as possible to make sure the parcel can reach you before CNY safely. We will not be responsible to the parcel if it is missing in post office because of keep in post office until after the CNY holiday.

**We still accept orders during the holidays, but we would only proceed it after the CNY break. :)

Happy Chinese New Year to all the Gorgeous babes. <3

We wish you have a prosperous year ahead! 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GEO CH622 & CM831 plano

GEO LENS, CM831 Angel Purple & CH622 Nudy Blue 14.0mm PLANO is available here! 

One last pair for each series in stock here only! 

Grab it now fast!!! 

RM25 free laju + lens case!