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1. New price adjustment will be done and starts from 1-1-2015 onwards.

2. Kindly fill up the order form only after payment is done ONLY.

3. Order LAST CALL (daily): 11.30pm

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*Your cooperation is highly appreciated. We are trying our best to improve the service especially the procedure of orders and the ready stock list which is always so hard to maintain at the 100% accuracy level. Anyway, we hope that we could do better, serve you better, and deliver the best quality of products with the fastest speed to all of you! :) Thank you for support! :D

*Wholesale MOQ: 50 pairs (All types mix is allowed)
*We are recruiting Agents/Dropshippers now!

Any queries, please contact:
H/P: +6012-4942101 (whatsapp & sms available)


About Agents

Why choose Gorgeous-i?
-Gorgeous-i is a registered company under SSM and we have more than 5 years of experience in this business already.
-We have confirmation certificate from manufacturer to proof that our stock are all authentically from Korea and quality assured.
-We have more than 50,000pairs of ready stock in store, all items are direct import from our manufacturers at Korea.
-We do practice "today pay, tomorrow post", so don't worry that your customer will complain about late arrival of stock.
-We do carry in number of new series constantly.

Benefits to be our agents:
-We do delivery for you.
-We do packing for you.
-Low cost
-Under company protection with price guide, to make sure you earn more all the time!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder 三德立 密露珂娜 胶原蛋白

| SUNTORY MILCOLLA Collagen Powder |

Made in Japan.
The products are imported from Japan.

*Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women
*Stop consume if you develop itching/rashes or experience gastrointestinal disomfort.
*Please consult your doctor if you are taking any other medical/supplement.

Mixed one suntory-spoon(provided) daily with beverage or food.

Recommendation by Suntory:
Cosume 3months to see optimum result.

This product has been introduced repetitively since year 2012 till now in the Taiwan TV show, 女人我最大.

Nutrition Information:



The product is very suitable for those who are on diet, as its calories is only 25.3Kcal!!! 

"Me, myself is currently consuming Suntory Micolla Collagen Powder together with my mum as well, I finds the product is real good, especially the optimum result at her eyes area, after she consumed it for few weeks. For myself, due to I am the kind of 'lazy-to-apply-skin-care-everyday's people lol, but my skin is still looking fine all the time, I did only cleansing on daily basis. Due to my super laziness of this, thus I decided to take the prevention step right now to avoid my skin becomes even worse than usual people in future." - Suhyin

Kindly contact us now for further info/enquiries. 
WeChat: suhyin
H/p: 012-4942101

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Order - Blue-tinted lens

Hi peeps,

We are accepting order for the blue-tinted lens (so called 'transparent lens') now as it was requested by too much of our clients all these while. 

Anyway, we accept order until mid of October only. 

Please pm me for further details :) 

Whatsapp: +6012-4942101
WeChat: suhyin


Friday, September 27, 2013

Restock checked. New Price List & Package up!

Good morning sunshine~  

Restock shipment arrived. 

We are ready to serve you with more complete range of lenses now again  

Limited pcs available in this batch. 

Place your order ASAP before it's too late to avoid disappointment.

New Retail Price List/Package:

- 1 pair: RM17 free laju
- 3 pairs: RM45 free laju + lens cases
- 5 pairs: RM60 free laju + lens cases
-10 pairs: RM100 free laju and free 1 pair

*Wholesale MOQ: 30 pairs
*We're recruiting agents/dropshippers now. 

Please email/pm us your basic details for reviews & further info. 

Have a great weekends peeps! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello all,

FYI, our last day of delivery falls on 7-Feb, which means that we accept orders until 6-Feb only. COD service is available in Penang area only. 


Ready stock list:

Send us your order list via the following methods:
-Whatsapp/SMS/Call: +6012-4942101
-Line/WeChat: suhyin

We will reply you within 24hours to confirm your order with you. 


For those with urgent order, 

Please do remark for us if you allow us to change color/lens model to you as if item you ordered is not available. We will change it without further notification then as requested for fasten your order procedure. In this case, you can direct make your payment to us after order placed. 

Thank you.♥

Coming soon: 

1. Restock will be done after CNY. 
2. New agents/distributor policies 

Stay tuned! ;)


Happy Chinese New Year and GONG XI FA CAI to all of our chinese friends, 
Wish success, prosperity and joy in the Chinese New Year of the snake.

Also, enjoy your long holiday to the all of you! :D 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013


Adore Lens: RM12/pair exclude postage
Gorgeous-i Lens: RM8/pair for 2nd pair onwards. (Eg.1st pair: RM10, 2nd pair: RM8, 3rd pair: RM8..)
EOS New Adult Lens/Cloudy series: RM8/pair

*Valid from 22-Jan-13 till 6-Feb-13*

To make sure all buyers are able to receive the lenses right before CNY, we do accept order until night of 6-Feb only. Our last delivery date falls on 7-Feb. 
To make our customers more convenience, COD service will be provided in Penang area. For those in KL, we will update anytime on FB as if we're available to COD in KL. Please follow our FB page for latest update. (

Please send your order to +6012-4942101 (Whatsapp/SMS) or email to
We will reply within 24hours. 

Thank you for support! :) 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first move in 2013

Hello all, in this first working day of year 2013, we have some little changes for improvement of our store as listed below, hope these little service adjustment will bring more convenience and happiness to all of you when do shopping with us  

1. For order that able to confirmed and paid before 12pm in each working day, we will proceed it to delivery on the same working day as well. (TODAY PAY, TODAY POST)

2. To clarify again, our wholesale price are all based on the quantity purchased. Also, if you are the regular customer, we will provide further discount ;) So, HIGH VOLUME ORDER ENTITLED FOR BEST RATE FROM US. (for wholesale)

3. Kindly refer to our ready stock list before place/confirm/pay for your order. Also, if you are very urgent to get the lenses, kindly do a remark in the order form and tell us whether the term of "change to other series with same power&color" is acceptable. This is to fasten your order process. 

4. Remember to enter our email "" in the beneficiary email part as if you are using online banking. 

Of course, we need your support and cooperation too :D 
Thank you again and we promised to make everything better ;)  
This January must be an amazing month for us!