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Why choose Gorgeous-i?
-Gorgeous-i is a registered company under SSM and we have more than 5 years of experience in this business already.
-We have confirmation certificate from manufacturer to proof that our stock are all authentically from Korea and quality assured.
-We have more than 50,000pairs of ready stock in store, all items are direct import from our manufacturers at Korea.
-We do practice "today pay, tomorrow post", so don't worry that your customer will complain about late arrival of stock.
-We do carry in number of new series constantly.

Benefits to be our agents:
-We do delivery for you.
-We do packing for you.
-Low cost
-Under company protection with price guide, to make sure you earn more all the time!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Short notice.

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to apology for the inconvenience caused to my agents and customers recently as sometimes the delivery date is delayed since the CNY.

Next, I need some time to check all my stock, so that I can only update the ready stock list for your reference purpose. Hopefully can done it by Sunday. And ya, please email me first for every order, as the stock is kinda limited right now, and some power is out of stock too. For agents, I'll update the agent site when i am free, hopefully by next week. Important notice will be up.

Besides that, I would like to announce that the sales of last month (Feb) is the highest since i started this business :p Thanks to all my agents as you guys are seriously contribute a lot and only we can achieved it, even it's maybe not that much as others, but we can still improve and do it better in the future ^^ Also, thanks to the support by all of the babes here ;) Soon, we will organize a giveaway session again ;)

We are still need a lot of agents and wholesaler right now. Please contact me for more details. :)

Lastly, valentine's day is coming soon :D We have the Valentines Day special promo right now. Due date is on 13/2/2011. Grab the items you like now ;)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

Thursday, February 10, 2011

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Lacely series

Lacely series is more natural compared to the Forte series. Anyhow, the unique lens design is very attractive right, and the most important thing is the design won't looks fake on the eyes. It's still natural thou. :)

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Forte series

Forte series gives outstanding effect on your eyes, it looks very sharp but since it's 3tones lens, that's why the effect looks more natural on our eyes.

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Elegant series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Elegant series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Hottie series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Hottie series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Dreamy series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Dreamy series

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Starry series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Starry series

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Shinny series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Shinny series

Power range: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Sunny series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Sunny series

Power range:
Gray & Brown: 0~750
Blue, Violet, Green & Pink: plano only

♥Gorgeous-i♥ Cloudy series

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Cloudy series

7 colors: brown, gold, gray, violet, pink, blue, green

Power range: 0~750 for all colors.








♥Gorgeous-i♥ Laura

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Laura series

Power range:
brown & gray❤0~550
blue, pink, violet, green❤ plano only

♥Gorgeous-i Catty♥

♥Gorgeous-i Catty♥
-same design and enlarge effect as the earlier Super Nudy series by Barbie.
-it gives 16mm enlarge effect too.
-water content 48%.

power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i Black circle lens♥

♥Gorgeous-i Magic Black♥
-it give 16~17mm enlarge effect.
-It has the wide range of color area on the lens.
-water content 48%.
-available in plano only this time.

16mm ♥Gorgeous-i♥ Catty black

Power range: 0~750

♥Gorgeous-i Luna Black♥
-enlarge effect of 16~17mm
-water content 48%
-it gives big enlarge effect but natural at the same time.

power range: 0~375

16mm♥GORGEOUS-i Sweetie♥

16mm♥GORGEOUS-i Sweetie
Power range:
brown: 0~550
gray: 0~375
violet, aqua & green: plano only

♥GORGEOUS-i TwentyOne♥

♥GORGEOUS-i TwentyOne
Power range:
gray & brown--0~550
violet, aqua--0~375
green--plano only
Price: RM30 free postage

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

‎::Valentines Day Special::

♥Buy 3pairs : Rm85 free postage

♥Buy 5pairs: Rm135 free postage

♥Buy 10pairs: RM250 free postage

**Price exclude postage
[applicable for Gorgeous-i lens only except Laura, Lacely, Cloudy & Forte]

Promotion valid till 13/2

~Happy Valentine's Day~